This story of the pandemic in which we are immersed in our daily lives has led us to resort to technology that is absorbing our full availability of time. I am Patricia B., an English teacher, and resident in the city of Cali.

I thought the role of the virtual teacher would be less stressful, but no! Outside of regular class time, we must be available 24/7 for questions and concerns from both parents and students. Apart from this, being at home all the time has changed my actions on a daily basis and my children (3) want to enjoy my company. In addition, I must acquire a more powerful internet signal since each and every one of the family members depends on the satellite signal to carry out our work – student and work respectively.

With COVID-19, there is a total change in our daily life; our social interaction, our freedom is affected, there is a restriction to go out, travel, even in our clothing we must think about having the necessary elements for our protection. (wallet, face mask, gloves, gel, cloths, etc.)

Similarly, we have to be very responsible in our asepsis. I worry and try to do it very well, since, in addition to living with my husband and my 3 children, my mother lives with us; she is an older adult with whom I must be more careful. Also, I need to be filled with patience to explain a thousand times the situation for which we cannot leave as we did before. We used to go out daily to the park for a tour and this cannot be due to the pandemic and it’s a recurring question: “Are we going out to the park today? Why can’t we go? …

Fortunately, we still have the conviction and total faith that this will happen and it will be one more story in our lives that has marked us notoriously and has taught us to value our family, our time, and improve our quality of life.