My name is Baiq I., I was born in Pringgabaya Village, East Lombok Regency. My father’s name is Lalu Z., my mother’s name is Baiq M. In our place, the first names Baiq and Lalu are social attributes that indicate we are of royal/noble descent. But in my story, I want to let others know the suffering is experienced by various social levels in society.

On April 10 of 2020, my father (a passenger transport driver) picked up 6 passengers at Lembar port, which dropped off from the ship called Umsini. My father got Rp.250000 in cash as a delivery fee. Apparently, my father was contaminated with COVID-19 from the passenger he was carrying. On April 15, 2020, my father died after experiencing shortness of breath continuously. At the time of the burial, only 5 hospital staff took him. We and our family must stay at home.

Now, my siblings and my mother are under surveillance. You can’t go anywhere. I am very sad. I thank Mr. Khaerul for giving me a link to tell my problem. Now we suffer from a lack of food and attention from family and neighbors. I hope my suffering will be overcome soon. I apologize if my English is chaotic. But the point of my story is COVID-19 attacks anyone.

I want to advise everyone to stay at home as long as COVID-19 is still developing. It was enough for it to be experienced by us, no one else should suffer from COVID-19.