My name is Edgar A. I am a Petroleum Engineer and athlete. The impact of this pandemic on the lives of all people around the world and in this case on my life, in particular, is undeniable.

When we met the beginning of this, the impact was very big on family and work life, but we hoped that this would be resolved quickly. With the passing of days, we have realized that this situation will remain for a long time and we are waiting for scientists to have the wisdom and luck to find a solution to this pandemic.

We have lost the freedom to go freely to the street, to work and especially for people who like to enjoy freedom like me, things like admiring nature either walking or in our beloved bicycle. Since together with my wife for a couple of years ago, we have dedicated our lives to sports. We used to go every day (until Sunday) to ride on our bikes, also we have been able to be in various cycling competitions in our country. That’s one of the things we miss the most. It is not easy to be locked up at home when we’re used to having such an active life.

About my work, I have to stay in contact with more people every day, so this situation is also difficult due to the mistrust generated by the relationship with the others because we do not know if we are infected with this virus.

In summary, this virus is a hidden enemy that we cannot detect with the naked eye and that changed our way of being and acting in our daily lives.