The current COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t left anyone unaffected; we’ve all experienced its impact in our own different ways. While some people are adapting to online work and school, others are desperate to go to work and be affected by everything around them. Like most people, I was not left without impact from COVID-19, whether directly or in my vicinity.

Last summer in July 2020, my father got a sore throat. He has tonsil problems and we did not pay much attention to it. When he went to the doctor he gave him medicine and told him that if he did not get better he would have to be tested for COVID-19. As with any human being, even if we are not positive, our psyche reacts first. He began to say that he had no sense of smell or taste. He did not stay calm until he went to be tested. We were sure it was negative, but the doctor called the next day and told us it was positive and we had to remain in quarantine for 14 days.

Fortunately, it passed without symptoms. He stayed home without taking any medication. He ate fruit and took extra vitamins every day. Even when we are not physically affected by this virus, it’s affecting our mental health, causing anxiety, depression, and a considerable degree of concern that will follow us forever. I just couldn’t understand how nobody else got symptoms.