Nobody had ever thought of a virus coming into their life and vandalizing all their dreams and ambitions. We had never expected a minuscule virus to destroy all our lives in very little time.

The problem I faced was that I lost so much of my studies. I could not study as schools closed and we got to know about online studies very late. If we had been informed about online studies earlier, we would not have wasted so much of our time. Everyone was cooped up at their homes which caused many of us to fall into the trap of despondency and depression. Younger children especially, could not bear all this as they were not accustomed to it. Wearing of masks was made compulsory which was a great plight for those who suffered from breathing problems like asthma.

COVID-19 left everybody completely shattered. People have faced a lot of difficulties during the lockdown. In my country, unemployment and financial problems became the greatest issue during this pandemic. But in our history, we have always been able to overcome every problem and perplexities of life and I believe this time also, we will manage to extricate ourselves from the problems we’ve faced during the COVID-19 public health crisis.

As I was completely free during the lockdown, I learned a lot of new things but my greatest loss was that of my studies. My experience during the COVID-19 pandemic will surely remain vivid in my mind for eternity.