I want to tell the sad story that my neighbors experienced, because of COVID-19. They are husband and wife. The husband is named Lanang O. while the wife is named Dayu P. They have two children who are 19 years old and 8 years old.

Initially, Dayu, it was suspected that she had a COVID-19 infection and was treated at the Provincial General Hospital, in an isolation room. The husband, Lanang was forced to accompany his wife. Lanang forbade his two children to go to the hospital, to avoid the possibility of his two children contracting COVID-19.

Since being hospitalized in early July 2020, her two children have been unable to do anything. Food and drinks for Dayu’s needs are only purchased at the food store near the hospital. Sometimes some families deliver but still can’t meet.

The situation became sad when on August 5, Dayu died. Finally, the funeral process was only carried out by hospital officials. Even her husband was not allowed to accompany his wife’s corpse. Likewise his two children. To everyone’s great surprise, Lanang, who was still isolated at the hospital, died on August 12, 2020, at around 5 pm.

How devastated the family and especially her two children were. It’s hard to imagine the sadness of their two children. I don’t know how their two children make ends meet. Hopefully, this COVID-19 will soon pass from this world.

Oh yes, my name is Pophin M., 29 years old, living in Gebang Baru-Mataram City. Nowadays I am increasingly afraid to go out of the house, even though I use a mask.