In these times of confinement and solitude, we find it hard to see how privileged we can be, but it is enough to look out the window to realize that.

Recently, a person in a street situation with cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and different items settled in front of my window to be able to pass the cold winter. At first, I didn’t know if there was indeed a person behind all those boxes and bags, or maybe it was just a pile of rubbish.

Today when I woke up I saw a man leave the place and you could tell he was preparing to go to work. Inside a box he kept a blanket and some loose bags, he adjusted his backpack and started walking. At that moment I began to think that that person when he returns to the place may he find his things not trampled and may he be unharmed; he’s not like you or me, that we can read this under a roof.

With this experience, I only seek to make visible a story that could be different and not with the help of the government in power, but with ours. Sometimes just by listening you can make big changes.