My name is Kriss and like everyone, I am struggling with this situation which is more than a pandemic, it is need, hunger, and danger.

Even with everything to worry about such as money and being apart from my beloved ones I feel grateful to be healthy and trapped at the same time in this little piece of heaven called Quintana Roo México. This place is amazing, the view and the vibes make you feel at home, the jungle and cenotes are super impressive, the caves and all the kind of fish and turtles all over, you can see iguanas too. People are really friendly, the place I love more is Holbox, it is a magical island at the end of Quintana Roo. You can take a ferry to get there and it is completely amazing! It is spiritual and magical. The ocean is super clear and beautiful.

My flight has been changing for two months. I’m surviving by eating my savings and lots of meditation. I should be in Houston, Texas right now getting ready to do business and preparing myself to visit friends in Chile but here I am in paradise, with no money to make, no business, and clueless about the future.

Anyway, since I got to México a friend of mine lent me the key (not for staying) to a beautiful place with a perfect view of the ocean, which is funny because we are not allowed to go to the beach and this place it’s pretty close from where I am renting.

I really hope for everyone’s good health and protection in these times of need. Peace and love will heal the world!