Coronavirus is a deadly virus and everyone should take extra measures to protect themselves. The situation at hand has affected me in a way that I can’t tell the difference between days anymore. I can’t tell whether it’s Sunday or Friday, because of staying indoors all day every day. I was used to going to church every Sunday but now every day is the same.

I feel cut off from others because we are encouraged to practice social distancing. It feels like we are deprived of breathing fresh air because whenever you are going out of the house one has to wear a mask. Currently, everything is not stable in my country as the number of cases and reported deaths due to COVID-19 increases daily. People are trying to comply regardless of the instability, by taking necessary precautions with the use of sanitizers, masks, and hand washing.

Hopefully, after this pandemic is contained, and all those who have lost their loved ones will heal because the wounds are going to take a long time to heal. I pray we are going to live a normal life again.