My husband has been working abroad for the last five years and he visits Sri Lanka every year but the children and I didn’t have the opportunity to see him due to the travel ban implemented in Sri Lanka.

My husband was also stuck on an island without proper income for the last year as the tourism sector was impacted due to the pandemic. Even if he got the chance to come home, the expenses are high due to quarantine and other related activities. I don’t have words to say how much this impacted me mentally and physically for the entire family. I wish this had never happened and I hate this pandemic. I don’t know who is responsible for this but this left most of the families in a very poor situation. Some people see this as an opportunity to make money and make the most out of this but for most families, this is another way the poor became poorer and the richer became richer.

I daily ask God why this happened, if you are there why is this happening to us? This is an unfair world, the people who have everything get everything. God, why have you left us in this world to suffer? Is this fair?

After one year there is no sign of this becoming better. Day by day it’s becoming worse! As a mother, I’m doing my best to keep things together and keep my family together. I can’t see a good future for my kids at this rate. The only thing I can do is pray to God seeking help. What else I can do now? I don’t know.