When the government announced a pandemic to the hearing of its citizens, we all thought it was just a political agenda, formed to make the masses suffer. My name is Muhammad Al-Amin I. I own a shop here in Kano, Nigeria, and I was minding my business as I have always done.

Before the lockdown, all I had to do was pray, have a little chat with my siblings, and go to work. Life was not perfect but it was better than when the disease spread to this part of the world. My business was dwindling as markets were asked to shut down. Who would want to buy clothes when all they are thinking of is how to feed their household? I had to learn to understand that sometimes all I have to do is switch my method of business. Most of my friends were into cryptocurrency, forex, and the business of building a stable network. I began to utilize my time to learn a new set of skills, to understand what’s changing in the marketplace. People are getting richer, they are no longer miners but shovel sellers. The world has gone digital. Since there is a market for someone like me, I joined the crypto world. I created cash flow for myself through a very distinct method.

Who would have thought that I could dedicate my time to reading? Books were never my favorite. My friends gave me the challenge to undergo, they promised to pay me a thousand naira each with every book I finish. I do not wish to embarrass myself. So I had to do it and it was fun. I understand now that there’s so much in the world that I do not know. Change is the only constant.