I was anxiously waiting for the time to pass so that March would come for the signing of a new contract since I am an independent worker. For the last 10 years, since my separation, I have worked on a contract basis.

My name is Yaqueline, I live in the city of Lima. With this pandemic everything has been delayed, the contracts have stalled and it is not known how long they will restart because this virus does not even want to leave us in peace, we do not know how long we will accompany it.

The confinement is super desperate, my spirit is of service; I always collaborated with my family and my neighbors in all the turns, complaints, claims of all kinds. But because of all the changes, all of this has to be done virtually, the responses being very similar and giving us no solution. Receipts for public services have increased and the claim is very slow and untimely. In the same way, the increases in the family basket are scandalous and apart from that, you can no longer choose the products to carry since they are limited.

I take care of my granddaughter, she is 3 years old. During this pandemic time, her mood has been altered, she is an aggressive girl, I think that due to the lock-in, she changed her sleep schedule, she does not fall asleep early, her screams are constant.

I do not know how much longer we resist this situation, since we cannot go in search of our livelihood, and every day the economic and mental situation is more precarious.