I am Nelson and I have a child who just turned one yesterday. This virus will be unforgettable as my son grows up and did not experience having his 1st birthday party being here on earth. At some point, I am happy that my family and I are safe. We are so worried to go out and have our not so little bean get sick so we have been just staying home for almost 2 months now.

It is kind of sad though that both me and my wife got laid off. As a real estate agent, there’s no-one looking for new places right now especially since I work in areas that have lots of confirmed cases. My wife and I have some funds but if this will continue, we don’t know where or how else to get our essential needs. It is heartbreaking for a father like me not to provide needs of his family.

I wish this will be over soon and we can continue to live. My heart goes out to the families who have lost someone or have someone who caught the virus. Stay strong and please stay safe. This virus can kill anyone, at any age. I know how important it is to work and provide for your family but it’s more important to be alive and be there for your family.