My name is Ahtisham S., and I am an information technology professional. I graduated in March 2019. For almost a year I was jobless and I was learning new skills at home. I applied for lots of private and government sector jobs in various posts but no reply from both sides.

At the start of March 2020, the government made a lockdown in our country due to COVID-19. Then I started to learn new skills like e-commerce, search engine optimization, content marketing, and others in my home.

These days, I am jobless again and no jobs are available. When any jobs arrive they have no opportunities for federal areas persons. And I am very much worried about our future because my parents spent a lot on my studies. This is very a hard time for me financially because my parents expect me that I will support them but I am jobless and I have no savings so I am living with my parents and I feel shame about it.

I am taking care of my health and also following the rules of safety to be safe from COVID-19. I am worried about my parents’ health that they don’t catch coronavirus. We do not have to fear coronavirus, we have to fight with it as our prime minister said. This is a┬ávery hard time for everyone and also for me it is very hard.