We heard the news in early January, it was about a disease that was ravaging a community so far away, in another continent. Everyone around me thought it wouldn’t affect them. We were dead wrong! It spread through the sea and air, and before you knew it, a month later, there was concern about the way countries around the world fell victim to this new deadly virus.

We saw on TV how top government officials tried to downplay the virus on-air and tested positive for the virus the next day. Then another country in Europe fell victim to this deadly virus. Then a month later, our worst fear was confirmed. It hit our cities, our hospitals and medical systems were overwhelmed by the sudden rise in people suffering from this viral infection. Like a horror movie, I see on TV becoming a reality, the government shutdown all airports, seaports, train stations, schools, restaurants, businesses, parks, etc. Just to stop the spread of viral infection cases. This was in March.

People were forced to stay indoors and wear face masks, gloves and sanitize their hands and avoid touching any surfaces. The death rate was alarming. It felt like an apocalypse. There was fear everywhere. But as people maintained social distancing there was a drop in the rate of daily infections in the hospitals, all hope wasn’t lost yet.

Humanity may have just dodged a bullet, but the price for that was hundreds of souls and still counting. Very sad indeed. What a deadly disease, just in 6 months. We pray to find a cure.