I am a researcher in Hanoi. My Name is Lee H., 47 Years old.  I am so proud the situation in my country is getting  better.

COVID-19 disease in South Vietnam is decreasing. Of course we have a problem about COVID-19 as other countries, most of my people realized that. We were trying but struggling to adapt to the situation in our life. Our social distancing was  implemented so good. Our people were staying at home. I thought, that is why people attacked by COVID-19 decrease and decrease.

However, we are still worried if COVID-19 come again and spread some more. This thing has caused by people’s income changing to be lower than before. Our government is mainly supporting the poor people or jobless. In each district, local government always has efforts to find and record how many people are hungry and jobless, then giving them some food.

I live in district Thạnh Xuân. People here generally work in factories. Since COVID-19 came up at about middle of March, people were reducing their activities outside. Firstly, about 1000 people were checked their health by Military Hospital and Public Hospital in Provinsi Long An. Recently more than 5000 people have been checked. The number of victims infected by COVID-19 is less than 3000. Our government still trying to cure people infected.

Me and my family we are free from COVID-19. I do not know about my neighbours but the best way for me is staying at home. My work in my office is canceled. We prefer to avoid the possibility of being infected by virus than work. I do not know what I have to write anymore.