I am Dayana, I work as a restaurant administrator, I live in Mexico City. Currently, due to the Pandemic, I had to go to my parents’ house, together with my family, we can no longer endure this situation

My children (3) want to return home and continue their studies; What they do not know is that I must deliver the house that we had rented because there is no money to pay the rent. With each passing day, things get more complicated as savings are scarce, and there is no solution for this disease. Although some commercial establishments are already reopening their doors to the public, Mexico and Latin America in general, with the exception of Chile, whose economy is slightly better than that of the rest of Latin American countries; It will cost us a lot of money and years (it really is years) to recover, we are not strong economic countries or third world countries like Europe, Canada, England, etc.

And that is a situation that worries me, since getting a job here in Mexico is not so easy, it is not impossible. But there is a lot of demand and to aspire to have a good salary you must work long hours, generally have another job or have many studies. And now with this situation, the situation of getting a job will be worse. That makes me think of emigrating to other countries, however; my situation is not so easy for my children.

Currently, I must go out to work as I am allowed, in jobs of lesser rank than I had, since I need the money to pay my debts, have money to buy our food, the expenses of my children’s school. Lives in Mexico are not as economic as many think since it is a capitalist country. Where there is a lot of inequality. There are people with a lot of money, drug trafficking is evident in my country, so there are parts in Mexico and especially in the DF where you can see people with a lot of money and eccentricities. And on the other side, very poor people. So to live in the capital you must have a good income, or as in my case, work hard to be able to live here.

At the same time, this confinement and conflicts drive me crazy. All this is so uncertain, that I get discouraged with all the local and international news; I don’t know what to do, but the truth is that from all this we have to get out and be stronger, I have a family for which I must respond and I will get ahead.