COVID-19 affected my everyday life in terms of having to mask up everywhere you go. It massively restricted our daily movements and our actions. I had less interactions with my patients, with friends and even strangers. We were all bound to stay at home due to lockdown restrictions. My name is Mavis, and I am an X-ray technologist living in New York.

This pandemic has made us more isolated from people and at the same time it’s drawn me closer to my family. We were constantly on calls and video calls checking up on each other. The virus was everywhere and I needed to know that my family was safe and sound.

The impact of this disease has been catastrophic. The death cases were rising by the minute and all we had to think about was sanitizing our homes, making sure we were all safe and that we could survive the pandemic. It blows my mind that something like this happened to the whole world. I mean so many people globally suffered the severe effects of COVID-19. Everyone, even if you live under a rock has heard or known someone who has experienced COVID-19 it’s unreal!

The impact on our jobs and our finances is something we cannot quantify. No, we lost things we cannot get back. Not to talk about our daily movements and the people who died all over the world due to the coronavirus. With the passing time, I hope we are all able to heal. As a society as a whole, I hope we are able to move forward. My prayer is for God to have mercy on us and let this cup pass over us.