Hello everyone, my name is Shoriful. I am from Bangladesh. I am a freelancer. I work in my village town. I live quite a distance from where I work.

For COVID-19 Bangladesh government locked down all areas in Bangladesh. It includes my working area too. So I am stuck at home now. It’s a really tough time. Our area locked down 25 Mach to 31 April. I have no broadband line in my home. So, I can’t work right now. For that I spent quiet time with my family. I am staying all day at home. I pray at home for this lockdown to end. There is nothing we can do without prayer. This COVID-19 has no medicine. So we can only ask for help to our creator to save all people in the world.

It’s really a tough time for poor people. They cannot go out during lockdown. But our government takes a really good step for these people. They give supplies for them so they can live hopeful in this tough time. I have a garden in my home. After quite a long time I can take care of it. It’s keeps me busy.

Overall I want to say this, we can not lose hope. We have to be strong for our family. Do as the World Health Organization say. Stay clean and use mask if you leave home. Take good care to your family.