This pandemic makes us more sensitive every day, and brings us closer to our loved ones, protecting each other. I live in Lyon, my name is Stefano, I work in a restaurant. Although rumors of a new outbreak make us uneasy, we are also realistic and we know that each of us depends on whether this pandemic stagnates or spreads. We must continue with all the rules and especially social distancing – that is essential.

In my family we have not been affected by COVID-19; we have fully complied with all biosafety regulations. In my job, my boss, the owner of the restaurant, made the adjustments stipulated by the state to continue with the activities, although the numbers increased significantly, the number of face-to-face diners gradually increased. I think that people needed to go out to the streets again, to be in a restaurant sharing with their family, partner or friends. Something that seemed so normal is now an activity that people long to do. I also think the same, after so many years working in this sector this pandemic has taught me to love it.

Within my co-workers, approximately ten percent of them were affected by COVID-19, affecting a change in their daily lives, incurring isolation, and even the death of close relatives; their stories have affected us. We have become more united as a work team and friends, there is more camaraderie and less competition for wanting to be the best.

With this new outbreak, we hope that our daily lives will not be affected. We are already taking control of our lives and we hope that this COVID-19 will stop and we will continue to enjoy every moment that life provides us, although it is necessary to continue with intelligent social distancing to dispel the pandemic.