Hi, This is Waqas from Pakistan. I am a programmer and also a social worker.┬áThe coronavirus has had an unimaginable and enduring impact on the entirety of our lives and especially on me. During this questionable time – quarantine, this is an extraordinary open door for everybody to think about our lives and how should we change them for the better.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, a normal life routine is not normal anymore. Whenever I have to go out for a while as I need to, I get totally shocked to see a lot of daily wage people sitting by the roadside with the hope to earn something so that they can get some groceries for their families. This is a too difficult time, not only in Pakistan but around the globe.
I have personally decided to help them by providing a pack of necessary groceries, as much as I can, and obviously by following the precautions. I also encourage others to do this as there is no cause bigger than serving humanity.

I think that we need to implement strategies and initiatives that benefit society by supporting the needy and make this world a better place once this virus ends. We need to promote humanity and love. Stay Safe!