I am a housewife and mother of two kids, a girl, and a boy. My son, Henry is the elder one and this year (2021) he is going to study 2nd grade of elementary school. His younger sister Ella is only five.
Thanks to people and the medical system here, the coronavirus is controlled these days and we can socialize and meet our friends and family, but last year the Covid-19 situation was so terrible.

I got COVID-19 and didn’t know I had it until the symptoms came out. Unfortunately, I gave COVID-19 to my children and we all got sick we had two weeks with the symptoms then we slowly began to recover. After our recovery, everything got better.

Henry studied the 1st grade online and I was worried that he might not understand his lessons very well. Also, Ella couldn’t go outside and play in the playground with her friends, Henry as well. They couldn’t meet their friends. Moreover, our family was not exercising like before and this put our health at risk. Therefore my husband and I decided to create a small playground in the backyard for kids.

I talked to my friends and invited them and their children to a group exercise online! They got so excited and happy and they accepted my invitation. Since then, we continued the video calls and online exercise together. The kids were really happy and satisfied with this action. Even after the lockdown, we continued our exercises in central parks and so our connections and friendships got stronger.

Coronavirus limited our activities but we took the most advantage of it.