I’m Tahmina and I live in Konibodom, Tajikistan. I moved to this town from Khorog, my hometown, with my husband. I was born and grew up in Khorog and I met my husband there too, but after getting married he received a spectacular job offer in Konibodom so we decided to move here.

At that time the coronavirus hadn’t entered our country officially and so we had no worries. Unfortunately, during the move, Rostam (my husband) got really ill. The illness was catastrophically contagious that even the workers we recruited got sick. Therefore, it took more than one week for us to pack up and get here. After about 14 days, my husband got better and everything was fine. During these two weeks, he couldn’t take good rest because he was busy with his jobs and we were also packing to move to Konibodom. And during that time we didn’t know it was the coronavirus that Rostam was suffering from!

In the period of his illness, he didn’t stay at home a lot and I’m sure that he caused many other people’s illnesses and after he realized that, he got so sad. As soon as he got healed, I got ill. I had a very bad headache and I couldn’t design our new house properly. That was a really hard situation for us; finding a nice doctor in a new city and trying to live our lives normally. Also, Rostam was busy with his new job and he couldn’t stay at home by my side all the time.

Finally, with all hardships we were dealing with, we went to visit a doctor since it seemed really dangerous to us and it was at that time that we realized we were among the first few people who got COVID-19 in our area. I was told to stay at home and rest for two weeks straight, and I was also told that I should write down all my symptoms and share them with others. I hoped to help others by doing these things and writing my symptoms. And I wish every sick person, like me, to get better soon!