My name is Husam. I was born and raised in Erbil. I live with my parents and siblings. My dad owns a carpet store. As the oldest son, I have been doing all his work after finishing my military service. The business has been going well and I have lots of friends who help me transfer products to other cities in Iraq.

One day I was working at the store and a man entered the shop with his daughter. I noticed the beauty in the girl’s face. Her big brown eyes were glowing. She and her dad were discussing the colors and designs. I got close to them and asked whether I could help. The girl finally noticed me and said they were looking for something suitable for their guest room. Her voice was lovely and I wasn’t very focused, but I had to be professional and pulled myself together. I showed them some of the best carpets at the store and they seemed to like one. They had finally chosen their favorite carpet.

When they were about to pay, the man handed me his credit card and I read his name without him noticing and handed him his card back saying it was on me. He looked at me like I had stabbed him with a knife and said: “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

I apologized and said: ”It’s on me, sir. You and your daughter seem like amazing people and thank God the business has been going great so far, so just consider it a gift owed to blessing and luck. I was honored to serve you and your precious daughter.”

It was at that moment when I knew I might get stabbed in my heart or be dead for making it so obvious that I liked his daughter. But surprisingly, he smiled and asked for my name. Then he asked some more general questions and said: ”You’re sure about your generous offer?” After making myself positive, we said goodbye and there was a whole moment of gazing between me and the girl.

I’m sure the man already knew everything, but he was playing it cool. I did some research about the man and his family and was sure his daughter should now be my future wife. Her name is Heba. I talked to my Dad and explained the situation. In September 2019, we all went to their house, to ask for her hand. With the agreement of both families, Heba and I got engaged.

The nightmare started when our wedding was going to be in Summer of 2020, but thanks to coronavirus entering our country, we had to cancel our wedding plans. It was either going to be a small private wedding or a dream wedding for my beautiful Heba.

Our wedding has been delayed until now -June 2021, but hopefully, we will get married this summer. COVID-19 changed our plans, but it also gave us more time to collect money and get to know each other more. Besides, we will be vaccinated and safer by the time we have the wedding. Maybe it was for the good, who knows?