I am a nursing assistant, I work in a hospital located in the city of Madrid, I am 46 years old, my name is Claudia.

I am grateful to be healthy at every sunrise. COVID-19 has changed life itself for many people. Uncertainty and mistrust prevail in our daily lives, the stalking of the pandemic everywhere is unsustainable, despite all the biosecurity measures taken by the entire society.

In my work, I have clothed myself with courage because I cannot be negative, much less pessimistic. Every day, I must greet others with a smile and with all the positivity despite the deaths that occur. For older adults, whenever they enter the hospital I visualize a lost and sad look in them, but I must encourage them and not let them fall into sadness because of their clinical picture.

My work is rewarding but with the pandemic, everything has become complicated. Days go by when I don’t know what day it is; I have had to get away from my family, I miss my 9-month-old daughter, but it is necessary to dedicate myself to my work and not expose my nuclear family.

Nowadays, I am a little relaxed because the cases have decreased markedly, the different sanitary measures adopted by our society have borne fruit and the disease has dissipated. We are going to come out ahead of all this nightmare and besides, there are high probabilities of a vaccine already in phase three trials. Once the respective results of the vaccine are analyzed, it will proceed to its application and this will become a bad memory, which will surely lead us to be better people (I hope so).