Well, if I start penning down my experience of this health crisis, I simply remember when we used to read or hear that in our ancestors’ times things like this used to happen but had never actually believed that such a type of disaster could ever happen in this current world.

But it’s true, right now we are in the midst of this unwanted disaster and after spending more than eight weeks with this COVID-19, people have started to accept that they can deal with any calamity provided they keep some precautions and life can even be lived normally again even during this pandemic. One thing which actually soothed my eyes is that nature has rejuvenated itself through this crisis and made itself toxic-free, at least for some time.

As every coin has two sides, the agony and pain that this crisis has caused to the poor sections of society are just unbearable to see. I’ve seen people dying on the roads in some accidents while going to their hometown and many don’t even have shelter in the urban areas due to the shortage of money. And I myself had never thought that I would be someday working from home for as long as two months, which was something next to impossible.

Lastly, I would like to conclude by saying that in this world most things are unnecessary and we can easily live without them.