Hello…I am Diyan, a male, 25 years old from Indonesia. I would like to write my sad story dealing with COVID-19. I was working as a car driver (Gocar) since 1998. This is a kind of informal work and I am happy to do this, one of the reasons why, by doing this work, I got average of 10$US every day…and this income is enough for my family (2 children, 1 wife only).

Unfortunately, my life is changing, since COVID-19 came in February 2020. The number of passengers is decreased. Each day, there is no passenger I get. Consequently, I have no money for supporting our life, while my family has to eat food every day.

One day on 20 March, at about 7.00 pm, we have no food anymore. I went out trying to find any food outside, for my children and wife, went to my friends. What a pity, my friends’ conditions also the same as mine. Whatever the situation, I have to try hard to find food. In my mind, I have to save my family. Finally, I make a decision to visit the McD outlet, trying to get garbage food there. Also the same way I went to the KFC outlet. Thanks, My God….there some leftovers I got. I was crying at the thought of my kids eating leftovers. But in situations like this, I have to be aware, choices have to be made. I went home to bring the leftovers to my family. I cried again, when I saw my 7-year-old and 5-year-old son, eating with gusto.

God, I hope this disaster will quickly pass. Thank you very much for reading my story. May we all be safe. Amen.!