Recently I’ve been concerned about my life and whether it would ever be the same again after COVID- 19, but as time passes by I start realizing that what I once knew my life used to be and what I’ve lost won’t ever come back. I’ve lost friends and family, during this cruel pandemic so definitely how could I ever think my life would be the same knowing I’ve lost a lot. But despite all adversity, I’ve learned a lot through this difficult experience.

We should cherish our loved ones and all our good memories cause we never know when things can get hard and difficult just like right now. So do your best to keep safe so you can see your family and friends again because there might be a time when you will regret not being responsible and not taking care of yourself.

Let’s be conscious and let’s all work together to help this pandemic to end. Let’s all please be responsible and take the sanitary measures so this might come to an end, that way we can think of returning to our normality with our friends and family. I am sure that if we work together we can stop COVID-19 from spreading and causing tons of deaths every day around the world.

COVID-19 took away a lot of things from us but we can’t give up, together we can make a better world for you and me, So let’s do it hoping this new life will be better than the one we had before.