My husband and I became aware of our symptoms at the beginning of May. Two weeks prior to that my husband had a constant sore stomach and I had hay fever symptoms and GI symptoms, now and again it turned nasty overnight. I lost my sense of smell and taste and then feeling like I had been run over, I quickly had to shut my childcare business and now realize the impact of a home-based business with 2 adults suffering from coronavirus has now had the same effect on friends, (I call it the leper colony effect), my husband’s job working in a care home can he be reinfected?

The uncertainty of what’s going on with a new variety of symptoms emerging for me has not only made me paranoid and also mentally challenged. It’s a never-ending cycle of Groundhog Day symptoms with the occasional new one popping in for good measure. My husband’s symptoms have stayed the same, severe backache and GI symptoms that had us confused as the UK government’s guidelines on what to look out for are very limited. I’ve counted nearly 50 and just when it can’t get any worse my father tested positive in his care home.

What has struck me is the lack of help and the feeling of desperation trying to get two negative tests each to get out of this post-apocalyptic war that has taken its toll on my family. David’s mum died suddenly after having tested negative from coronavirus after 5 days with pneumonia. Will we ever be the same? The damage is done!