In these quarantine days, I have learned many new things like how tough it is to stay within the boundary of the walls of our house and how much difficult it is for women to live this type of life. Women in our society are oppressed and they are not allowed to live a full life. They don’t get their rights and I am happy that now people are getting out for the rights of women.

In my busy routine of the past, I was unable to spend some quality time with my family. It also was a reason for my mental stress in those past days. Nowadays I feel really blessed that my family is protected from the coronavirus and thank GOD for this mercy on us. I also learned cooking and always feel happy when I cook for my family (cooking is not only for females). This is a very blessed experience for me these days.

I have seen people losing hope of surviving in this lockdown, especially poor people. The best thing I have learned in this period is my trust in GOD. He blessed us with so many things which we have to thank HIM in every condition. I also learned how to cope up with worldly affairs in a much better way.

We have to be strong for each other, and one another. We will beat this coronavirus.