My company has sent me to different places before to work. I have been to Ecuador, UK, and some Asian countries. One thing I never expected was to be sent home to do work. I never saw this coming. I never want to be home and do work but I’m fortunate to be able to earn and my company is still up and running.

I work as a graphic designer and I can work anywhere so long as I have all the tools I need. I was kinda worried and observing myself since I travelled to Korea last December. Although they did not have any cases at that time who knows. I have a travel history and even if I did not catch it there if I have it, then there are possible places I might have caught it. Say from the people here in the UK. I love being outside. I still go to my favourite restaurants until they decided to close their stores temporarily.

That’s when I knew that cases were increasing and it frightened me to even go outside my house. I’m not even opening the windows. What I see and hear on the news gave me a bit of trauma to go outside. When I try to look by the window, I see a crowd at the park, and made me think why those people gather together as if they’re not affected by the coronavirus. Maybe not. But their selfishness can be someone else’s death. I urge people to stay home and think of others’ safety too.

I don’t know if I will still be able to travel outside the country after this and I know it will not go back to how we used to live our lives before. I am not a healthy person and I easily get sick yet I’m just grateful that I have never been sick since I got back from Korea. Please stay home until it is not risky to go out anymore.