For millions of people all over the world, employment has been non-existent. I, however, have been working as all of this COVID-19 crisis unfolded and hit the whole world really hard.

Going out to work every morning wondering if this is gonna be the last time you see your loved one, your children, family, and friends. Helping with the delivery of vital PPE equipment to hospitals all over the UK, seeing doctors and nurses that are well into a 15hr working day, patients that are taking last breaths go through hospital corridors.

Going out and delivering essential goods to families that are are on lockdown due to the horrid virus that is just destroying the world population one day at a time, little things I’m doing sometimes put a smile on the face of a stranger. It could be something like the delivery of a new vaccine cleaner, the smile on their face makes you feel a little better about yourself as this all unfolds whilst your still out working.

Returning home after seeing all of this, knowing you have to go out and do it all again tomorrow, knowing you’re risking your own health and safety to help out other people as we struggle through these hard times together, wondering if you are gonna be the next victim of this horrible virus, and never get to see your partner, children, family, and friends again.

We surely have to find a cure for this horrible COVID-19 virus that is slowly destroying the world.

This has to end soon.