My name is Joel C., from Paraná Argentina. I have been living in Playa del Carmen, México for about 6 years and I’m a personal trainer. I live with my cats Isla and Thor. They are indoor cats so right now with all of this that is happening I can feel what they are feeling every day with the lockdown.

In Quintana Roo it started at the end of February. Since then all the restaurants, bars, and markets have been closed. Some of them for a period and others for good. I used to work in a gym which is now closed so I’ve been working with a few clients off the record and under the table so I can pay my rent and for the cats. All my friends are in the same picture or worse and as much I would love to help them it’s difficult right now because we are all in need.

Being in this prison that we are in has proved to me that the human mind is super fragile. Before, I used to drink to have fun with friends and now I can see that my friends are drinking over frustration and sadness. I can see a food disorder in them and me as well and that makes me feel powerless. I was working out my body every day and now I’m doing it 3 or 4 times a week but with 0 motivation. It’s so sad that the beaches are closed which is really stupid because the sand and the ocean have good energy and vibration that helps your immune system. You cannot run either because the cops will catch you and send you to jail for 36 hours. What a disgrace. How can I be healthier in these important times if I cannot be healthier?

Anyway, I highly recommend that everyone workout at least a little every day from home, don’t push too hard just go baby steps and growing but before that stretch, and when you are done with the exercise do it again. Keep your mind in a peaceful safe way and your body will respond to your rhythm.