My Story is about worrying because of COVID-19. I live in Wong Tai Sin. Kowloon. I am usually called Meylan.

At present, my family and I are very uncomfortable. Although daily food needs are fulfilled, a very frightening problem is COVID-19. We have 3 people in the house. We all have questions -until when does the suffering of COVID-19 end?

The fear that we felt caused us to be very cautious to leave the house. If we don’t go out to shop, we fear starvation. What a very unpleasant situation. If there is a choice to live on another planet, of course, my family and I will choose it. That’s my mind right now, full of negative assumptions. I am not afraid to die, but the current situation makes me afraid to die caused by COVID-19. I want to die as usual, not die because it was preceded by fear and uncertainty.
There is a neighbor of mine because he cannot bear this burden, he committed suicide by hanging himself. We dare not come because of fear. Finally, the corpse was immediately cremated.

I also want to say that many religious or cultural activities are not free to do, because our government is very strict in making rules and prohibitions. We understand that it is in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. I feel that life isn’t fun, but I don’t want to die either. I hope that this situation will end soon.